Northern Ireland – Embrace a Giant Spirit at the World Travel Market

Now it can be told. For almost all of this year we have been working under wraps on the next big thing for tourism in Northern Ireland, a new experience brand for the next ten years. On 4th November 2019, those wraps were pulled off at the World Travel Market in London.  Northern Ireland – Embrace a Giant Spirit was launched on the global stage.

The World Travel Market global launch was a great event, attended by many of the providers who will bring the Giant Spirit experiences to life.

This international launch marked the culmination of a huge amount of concerted effort by Tourism Northern Ireland, Genesis and us.

Exhibition hall stand. A large photograph of a rowing boat and the Embrace a Giant Spirit logo. Crowds of people

Part of the TNI stand

TellTale’s contribution to Northern Ireland – Embrace a Giant Spirit was firstly to put the visitor experience solidly at the heart of the experience brand. This meant working hard on the brand to convert its promise into recognisable, bookable experiences.

Equally importantly, we had to win support for the new experience brand. We spent a lot of this summer talking to experience providers and stakeholders across Northern Ireland about how they could help build the experience and how the new brand could build their business and the industry.

PIC CAPTION: It was great to see the providers of some of Northern Ireland’s best experiences enjoying the launch.

The success of this project is a tribute to the skills and calibre of the TellTale team, which included many of our most-trusted associates (link to Project page): Ethna Murphy Consulting, EMcG Solutions, The Way Design, Mandy Sims and Heritage Pathfinder. Our International Advisory Panel (James Berresford of Whistler (UK), Claire Savage of Savagely Creative (Australia) and José María de Juan Alonso of Koan Consulting (Spain)) gave all our work a truly global perspective.