The challenge

Dunstable Downs is a green lung for the conurbation of Luton and Dunstable . It is heavily visited by people who want to enjoy the views, take a gentle walk, fly a kite or have a picnic.

The site is also a SSSI for its flora and invertebrates. How could the leisure visitors be encouraged to notice the wildlife?

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Our response

Our well-researched plans enabled the client to attract the funding to implement our ideas.

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We decided to embed the wildlife into the experiences that people were coming to enjoy. We decorated the café windows with wildlife themes manifestations so that wildlife became part of the view of the downs.

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We produced a rubbing trail for children along the all-ability path. The rub-able plaques were accompanied by a rubbing book with questions and suggestions for related activities for young families. An illustrated booklet gave more information (although still in a simple form) for parents and other adults.

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We produced a parallel trail of rubbings and associated publications to highlight the human history.

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