Modern visitors want heritage attractions to give them a good experience. The quality of the experience is fundemental to the business, in terms of reputation recommendations and revenue. (Example of costumed interpretation by Past Pleasures at Hampton Court Palace, London.)

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Understanding people and places

We understand visitors and why they visit heritage attractions. We can help you develop experiences at your site that give visitors what they want.

We have long experience of the particular challenges of working with sensitive natural and human heritage resources. We will respect and safeguard your unique site and ensure that visitor access does not damage it.

Visitor experience at wild places

At wildlife and countryside sites we help visitors to experience nature at first hand, to explore and discover and to understand the work of conservation organisations.

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Visitor experience at heritage attractions

At heritage attractions we help visitors make a real connection with the place they have come to see, usually by evoking its people and telling the human stories.

Research shows that for many visitors contact with local people and way of life is the highlight of a holiday. We help you create those connections at your site.

We aim to ensure that everyone, from overseas visitors to locals, will have an enjoyable and rewarding experience with you.



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