Visitor Experience Strategies and Plans

Our visitor experience plans recognise that the heart of a great heritage visit is a special experience linked to great story.

We can help you improve the visitor experience at your site. This requires good data, a clear vision, patience and commitment. It often involves a culture shift and new roles for staff and volunteers.  We can support all parts of that process.

Visitor experience development

Strategic development of visitor experience begins by looking at what you have. We take a visitor-focused approach to assessing and improving how visitors experience your attraction. We will want to know as much about your visitors and potential visitors as possible. Our team can help you to collect more data if needed.

Managing visitors and conservation

We look equally carefully at your site. We identify conservation concerns, including seasonal variations, and consider whether site zoning is necessary.

We work with you to understand the stories that will help visitors understand your place.

We identify the core experiences that visitors can have and how these support the stories you want to tell and the messages you need to deliver.

We identify your key opportunities for developing the visitor experience for your existing and target audiences.

Action plan

We then develop proposals for action. These may include anything from the car park to closing times but the focus will always be on ensuring that your visitors leave with the best possible understanding of the significance of your site.

After discussing the proposals we can develop timetabled action plans, specifications, design briefs and other support documents.

We offer staff training and mentoring and other supports throughout the development period.