Heritage Interpretation

We help heritage attractions and organisations turn their often complex history into stories and experiences that visitors will understand and find meaningful.

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What makes heritage interpretation special?

Historical interpretation is about the power of story, well told, in the best possible place.

At its best, historical interpretation can make the people of the past appear alive and relevant. It can give visitors a strong sense of connection with a place and what happened there. This can be immensely important to both overseas visitors and local people.


Finding the best stories

Historical interpretation often requires a rigorous process of prioritising information and the use of thematic planning to help non-specialist visitors understand the historical importance.

We are committed to helping everyone learn about their and other people’s history and to making that as engaging and as enjoyable as possible.

We are also committed to not ‘dumbing down’ and will always advocate a range of interpretive provision for all levels of knowledge and interest.



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