We believe interpretation can play an important part in making heritage tourism sustainable,

It can give people an authentic point of communication with local people and their way of life. This can build understanding as well as lasting memories. Of course, this can be a two-way process that allows people in the host community access to views and experiences from around the world.

Heritage interpretation can provide employment and be a means by which people can benefit financially (directly and indirectly) from their local heritage.

We provide specialist skills in interpretation planning and visitor experience development and work with local communities and businesses to develop appropriate solutions for local people as well as visitors


What we mean by ‘sustainable’


We often work in remote areas where income from tourists is vital. Our work helps local communities benefit from their heritage and wildlife.

We help local people tell their stories and introduce visitors to their local way of life. This is rewarding for visitors. At best, it can lead to better understanding between different peoples and cultures.

Our work in Ireland often involves supporting small, often family run, businesses in creating experiences that visitors will enjoy and remember. This leads to positive recommendations on social media and word of mouth. We like to think this plays a part in sustaining these communities.


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