The Secrets of the Sands Landscape Partnership

We have produced many Interpretation Plans for Landscape Partnership Schemes (LPSs), usually as part of the Development Phase for Heritage Lottery funding.  It may sound repetitive, but in fact each landscape, and each Partnership, is distinctive and different.

For instance, building recognition of the Bedfordshire greensand landscape was a priority in the Audience Development and Interpretation Plan for the ‘Secrets of the Sands’ LPS.  After considerable consultation and evaluation of alternatives,

we proposed that the area should be branded ‘Greensand Country’.

Building use and acceptance of that name would be a priority for the four-year project.

This project had an unsually strong emphasis on the arts and engaging with communities, unsurprising as the lead partner, the Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity, was a community development organisation.

The client team also had a strong interest in ‘Sense of Place’ that sent us off in a new and interesting direction.

We worked, once again, with our close associates, Resources for Change.

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