Minister praises new Storytelling Interpretation Toolkit for Ireland’s Ancient East

IAE Storytelling Toolkit
It is exciting to see top level endorsement of the new Storytelling Interpretation Toolkit that we produced for Ireland’s Ancient East.  It is not every day that a government minister talks about heritage interpretation – let alone about a TellTale project!


The Irish Minister of State for Tourism, Patrick O’Donovan said:
“Bringing history alive is at the core of Ireland’s Ancient East. I am particularly pleased to see that Fáilte Ireland has captured best practice in the region to share with everybody and assist them to create greater impact in their offering. 
“We are a nation of storytellers so there’s no reason why we can’t do this better within tourism than our competitors in other destinations. I would encourage all those serious about tourism in Ireland’s Ancient East to absorb the lessons in this toolkit and incorporate them into their plans.”
Read more about the launch of the Toolkit here.

The Toolkit is written primarily for heritage attractions but large parts of it are also relevant to community projects and to many visitor-facing businesses.

The Storytelling Toolkit itself is downloadable. In Ireland, it is also available in printed form.
We have been working with Ireland’s Ancient East for over 18 months. It has been inspiring and stimulating to see this heritage-based tourism proposition, come into being, and establish its identity. It is ambitious, bold and exciting  – and has heritage interpretation at its heart.
Writing the toolkit was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate how visitor-focused heritage interpretation can  deliver amazing experiences for visitors from around the world. The toolkit contains our distilled experience from decades of creating storytelling experiences mixed with lessons from years of mentoring Ireland’s diverse heritage attractions.

The toolkit is generously illustrated with examples of good practice from attractions across Ireland’s Ancient East that TellTale Directors, Susan Cross and Peter Phillipson, have mentored.

The Toolkit was written by TellTale Director, Susan Cross and features photographs by Peter Phillipson. It was designed by our friends at The Way Design.