Resources for Northern Ireland – Embrace a Giant Spirit

We have just completed the Northern Ireland – Embrace a Giant Spirit Experience Development Toolkit for Tourism Northern Ireland . This is the last in a suite of attractive resources for the launch and run-out of this important new experience brand.

High quality, beautifully designed materials have been vital throughout the development and run-out of the brand. A big hat-tip here to the team at Genesis, who do all TNI’s design. They did great work.

We started by writing the brand narrative, the backbone of the brand and promoted in a fantastic video featuring Colin Davidson, Paul Muldoon and Seamus McGarvey. The video was a key tool in the successful introduction of Northern Ireland – Embrace a Giant Spirit to councils, stakeholders and tourism businesses.

We wrote ‘Our Giant Opportunity’ at an early stage of the experience brand development, when there was still a lot we didn’t know. It set out the ambition of the brand for NI tourism and nailed its foundations. This was vital in building understanding and support.

The ‘Our Giant Opportunity’ publication started an invaluable Northern Ireland-wide conversation about the experience brand.


The Buyers’ Guide showcased the first Giant Spirit Experiences for international tour operators. The content was also available on-line.

The Buyers’ Guide was launched at the World Travel Market.


Giant Sprit Experiences across the whole of Northern Ireland – with many more to follow in 2020 and beyond


The Experiences reflect the giant spirit of the people of Northern Ireland.


The Northern Ireland – Embrace a Giant Spirit Experience Development Framework set out the essential characteristics of the experiences that will make up the brand and gave detailed information on the underpinning insights and research. The Framework contains everything about developing experiences for the brand.

The Experience Development Framework is the essential manual for defining the experiences that will bring the experience brand to life.


A detailed and bespoke Framework shows the relationship between the various experiential and communications elements of the experience brand.


The Experience Development Toolkit gives a simple step-by-step method to help busy providers develop on-brand Giant Spirit Experiences.

Simple tools for developing Giant Experiences.


We produced a five-year Implementation and Action Plan as a road map for this mighty project.

Ethna Murphy and Eileen McGloin worked closely with the TNI Senior Management team to plot the continuing brand development and implementation.