We developed the interpretive approach for Great Lighthouses of Ireland, a new signature visitor experience.

The challenge

Irish lighthouses are now automated so the keepers and their families have left. The Commissioners of Irish Lights needed to convert these iconic buildings into heritage attractions with international appeal.

Our responses

Dublin-based branding and developing agency, Genesis, led the multi-disciplinary team. Working alongside the brand developers right from the start of the process allowed us to forge a strong connection between the brand, the visitor experience and interpretation. http://www.cil.ie/tourism/great-lighthouses-of-ireland.aspx

We developed guiding principles and approaches for interpretation that apply across all the lighthouses. This identified the consistent elements of the provision and allowed considerable scope for expressing the distinctive local character, including connections with the local community.

Great stories and face-to-face interpretation is a key part of the Great Lighthouses of Ireland. All lighthouse tours are led by ‘storykeepers’, specially trained local people who explain the contemporary function of the lighthouse and tell stories about the people and events of the past.

The living quarters at many of the lighthouses is now holiday accommodation. We ensured that it is holiday accommodation with a strong heritage twist. Carefully embedded objects and activities (and some surprises!) mean holiday makers will find a strong connection with the people who lived there in the days when the men manned the light.


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