Visitor Experience Reviews

We offer (at least) two tiers of planning and strategic work for improving visitor experience. Visitor Experience Reviews are a popular option, and can be a first step towards more detailed development work.

Our popular Visit Experience Reviews (VER) identify the strengths and weaknesses of a visit and what to do about them.

It maps how people should move through your site, identifies the key stories and experiences. It highlights the challenges and constraints including the sensitivity of the heritage structures or habitats and suggests opportunities for future developments.

A VER is usually a quick piece of work, based on a one or two days on-site looking at the current provision and observing visitors. We will talk to the site manager in detail and usually with front line staff too. We often hold a staff workshop.

We write up the findings as a short report highlighting key development opportunities.

A VER can stand alone but is often the starting point for wider strategic thinking and planning.

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Visitor Experience Reviews and staff development

Visitor Experience Reviews developed out of our mentoring work and can be used as a powerful professional development tool for key staff. We can involve one or more staff members in the data collection and work alongside them in identifying the opportunities for improving the visitor experience.