Landscape Interpretation

Landscapes are complicated and landscape interpretation calls for advanced skills and an integrated, partnership approach.

What makes landscape interpretation special?

Landscape interpretation has to grapple with complexity, both in terms of subject matter and mechanisms for delivery. It is much more complicated than interpreting a single site.


Multi-disciplinary partnerships

Landscape-scale interpretation usually involves multiple partners. It requires consultation and consensus-building to agree shared objectives, themes and priorities. This includes understanding the objectives and aspirations of all the partner organisations.

Landscape work is cross-disciplinary and often works with multi-layered themes relating to wildlife, archaeology, social history, geology, landuse history and folklore.


A local focus

Landscape interpretation has multiple audiences, usually including one or more local audiences. Local communities are a part of the landscape and its evolution so planning landscape interpretation will usually involve close consultation with local people.


Interpretation for Landscape Area Partnerships

The Heritage Lottery Fund supports landscape-scale projects through the Landscape Area Partnerships scheme.  Well-planned interpretation is essential to the Learning and Participation aspects of these schemes.

We have worked on Project Development several successful Landscape Area Partnership project.